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Roles & Responsibilities

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Among the responsibilities of the Executive Committee are evaluating and endorsing Democratic candidates for office. However, an Executive Committee member’s greatest impact on elections is through his or her political leadership on the ground.

As an Executive Committee member, you will be expected to:

  • attend all local and county-wide endorsement meetings
  • attend all meetings required to fill Central Committee openings
  • participate in local Democratic club meetings and events
  • support only Democratic candidates endorsed by the CCDP and on all levels
  • vote in every primary and general election
  • adhere to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Party (
  • notify the Party Headquarters of any address or telephone changes, or resignation
  • pay annual dues

With the power to endorse comes the responsibility to honor other Democratic Party endorsements. The Party Bylaws stipulate that Executive Committee members must honor the Party Unity clause as outlined in the CCDP Bylaws Section 5 a-c ( constitution.php). Violation of this rule may include removal from the Committee.

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