The Executive Committee as a representative body of the Precinct Committee Members in Cuyahoga County has the sole right to make Party endorsements.  Only Democratic Candidates are allowed to participate in the endorsement process.

The Cuyahoga County Democratic Party will notify the Democratic Candidates who are eligible to participate in the endorsement process, to ask if they are interested. If so, candidates are provided a questionnaire to complete (online) that will be provided to the Executive Committee Members for review prior to the endorsement meeting.

  1. A quorum for the meeting shall consist of more than 35% of the eligible Executive Committee Members (Elected and Appointed) of the relevant district. A quorum is necessary to proceed with the endorsement meeting. Commencement of the meeting may be extended for a reasonable time to obtain a quorum. If no quorum is present, a time, place and date for a new meeting will be scheduled and appropriate notice sent from the Cuyahoga County Democratic Headquarters.
  2. All meetings are open to the public.
  3. Endorsement meetings may only be scheduled by the Chair and notice for endorsement meetings must come from the County Democratic Party. A petition containing the signatures of at least 20% of the Executive Committee (of the relevant district) submitted to the County Party will be given due consideration.
  4. City & Ward Leaders may assist with the logistics of scheduling an endorsement meeting at the request of the Chair. City & Ward leaders shall build attendance for endorsement meetings.
  5. All endorsements require at least a 60% favorable vote of all the members present.
  6. Procedures do not allow for a dual endorsement for a single office. In the event of three or more candidates, and no one candidate receives 60% of the vote, a second vote with the two highest candidates will be taken. Only the candidate achieving the 60% vote can be endorsed. If no candidate achieves 60%, the race will be considered as “no endorsement.”
  7. Executive Committee members may vote for a candidate or may abstain, but cannot vote for “no endorsement.”
  8. All votes for the endorsement of candidates by the Executive Committee will be conducted in an open vote, not secret ballot. Any endorsement selection vote must ensure a fair and democratic process.
  9. Individual candidates are encouraged to address the meeting, promotetheir candidacies and/or distribute literature ahead of the endorsementvote
  10. An Executive Committee member may vote on endorsement matters in which heor she is acandidate.
  11. A written record shall be kept of the final tally of the votes for eachcandidate endorsement under consideration. This tally shall be forwarded to the Party Headquarters along with the sign-in sheet upon completion of themeeting.