General Election Endorsements 2017

General Election Endorsements 2017

Click here to download the CCDP 2017 General Election Endorsements list as a pdf.

Congratulations to our Endorsed Candidates!

The Cuyahoga County Democratic Party would like to congratulate all of our endorsed candidates for making the decision to step up and take a leadership role to make a different in our communities and Counties! We also want to give a special congratulations to those who have successfully won their respective elections!

Please see below for the 2017 Endorsed New Elected and Re-Elected Winners!

Local Issue

  •  Cleveland Library Proposed Tax Levy Endorsement, (Vote For Issue 60)

Countywide Issues

  •  Cuyahoga Port Authority Proposed Tax Levy (Vote For Issue 59)
  •  Cuyahoga County Community College Proposed Bond Issue (Vote For Issue 61)

Statewide Issue

  •  Proposed Law for Drug Price Relief Act (Vote For Issue 2)



The City of Beachwood

  •  Martin S Horwitz
Council At Large:
  •  Alec Isaacson (Incumbent)
  •  James Pasch (Incumbent)
School Board:
  •  Maria E Bennett
  •  Brian J Weiss (Incumbent)
  •  Michael D Zawatsky (Incumbent)

The City of Cleveland

Judicial Race:
  •  Michael L. Nelson Sr. (Judge of Cleveland Municipal Court, Full Term Commencing 1/5/2018)
  •  Pinkey S. Carr, Incumbent (Cleveland Municipal Court District for Judge, Term Commencing 1/3/2018)
  •  Michelle Denise Earley, Incumbent (Cleveland Municipal Court District for Judge, Term Commencing 1/6/2018)
  •  Earle B Turner, Incumbent (Cleveland Municipal District for Clerk of Court, Term Commencing 1/1/2018)
  •  Jazmin Torres-Lugo (Cleveland Municipal Court District for Judge, Term Commencing 1/2/2018)
  •  Ann Clare Oakar, Cleveland Municipal Court District for Judge, Term Ending 1/2/2022)
  •  Judge Joseph Zone, Cleveland Municipal Judge (Incumbent)

Cleveland Mayoral Race:
  •  Frank Jackson, Incumbent

Cleveland City Council Races:
  •  Ward 3:  Kerry McCormack, Incumbent
  •  Ward 4:  Kenneth L Johnson, Incumbent
  •  Ward 5:  Phyllis Cleveland, Incumbent
  •  Ward 6:  Blaine A Griffin, Incumbent
  •  Ward 8:  Michael D Polensek, Incumbent
  •  Ward 9:  Kevin Conwell, Incumbent
  •  Ward 10: Anthony T Hairston
  •  Ward 11: Dona Brady, Incumbent
  •  Ward 12: Anthony Brancatelli, Incumbent
  •  Ward 13: Kevin Kelley, Incumbent
  •  Ward 14: Jasmin Santana
  •  Ward 15: Matt Zone, Incumbent 
  •  Ward 16: Brian Kazy, Incumbent
  •  Ward 17: Martin J Keane, Incumbent

The City of Cleveland Heights

Judicial Race:
  •  James J. Costello (Judge of Cleveland Municipal Court, Full Term Commencing 1/1/2018)

Cleveland Heights City Council:
  •  Cheryl Stephens (Incumbent)
  •  Mike Ungar (Incumbent)
  •  Melissa Yasinow (Incumbent)

Cleveland Heights - University Heights School Board:
  •  Dan Heintz
  •  Malia Lewis
  •  Jodi L. Sourini

City of East Cleveland

  •  Mayor Brandon King, Incumbent

City of Euclid

Judicial Race
  •  Judge for Municipal Court: Patrick J Gallagher

President of Council:
  •  Charlene Mancuso

Ward 4 For Member of Council:
  •  Kristian Jarosz (Incumbent)

Ward 8 For Member of Council:
  •  Laura J Gorshe (Incumbent)

City of Garfield Heights

Judicial Race
  •  Garfield Heights Judge of Muni Court District: Deborah Nicastro (Full Term Commencing 1/2/2018) Incumbent
  •  Garfield Heights Judge of Muni Court District, Jennifer P Weiler, (Full Term Commencing 1/1/2018) Incumbent

  •  Mayor Vic Collova, Incumbent

City Council: 
  •  Ward 1: Michael Dudley Sr., Incumbent
  •  Ward 2: Joe Lamalfa, Incumbent
  •  Ward 3: Michael T. Nenadovich, Incumbent
  •  Ward 5: Joseph M Suster, Incumbent
  •  Ward 6: Matt Burke Incumbent
  •  Ward 7: Tom Vaughn, Incumbent

City of Lakewood

The proposed charter amendment

Lakewood Council at Large:
  •  Tom Bullock (Incumbent)

City of Maple Heights

For Member of Council:
  •  District 1: Stafford Shenett (Incumbent)
  •  District 3: Ebony M Miller (Incumbent)
  •  District 5: Tanglyn M Madden (Incumbent)
  •  District 7: Edwina Agee (Incumbent)

City of Rocky River

For Council at Large:
  •  Michael J. O'Boyle

For Judge of Municipal Court:
  •  Donna Congeni Fitzsimmons (Incumbent)

For Member of School Board:
  •  Ruth Beach
  •  Jon M. Fancher (Incumbent)

City of Solon

  •  Edward H. Kraus

City of South Euclid

For Member of Council:
  •  Ward 1: Ruth Gray (Incumbent)
  •  Ward 3: Sara Continenza
  •  Ward 4: Jane Goodman (Incumbent)

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