General Election Endorsements 2017

General Election Endorsements 2017

May 8, 2018 Primary Endorsements


Congratulations to our Endorsed Candidates!

The Cuyahoga County Democratic Party would like to congratulate all of our endorsed candidates for making the decision to step up and take a leadership role to make a different in our communities and Counties! We also want to give a special congratulations to those who have successfully won their respective elections!

Please see below for the 2017 Endorsed New Elected and Re-Elected Winners!

Local Issue

  •  Cleveland Library Proposed Tax Levy Endorsement, (Vote For Issue 60)

Countywide Issues

  •  Cuyahoga Port Authority Proposed Tax Levy (Vote For Issue 59)
  •  Cuyahoga County Community College Proposed Bond Issue (Vote For Issue 61)

Statewide Issue

  •  Proposed Law for Drug Price Relief Act (Vote For Issue 2)



The City of Beachwood

  •  Martin S Horwitz
Council At Large:
  •  Alec Isaacson (Incumbent)
  •  James Pasch (Incumbent)
School Board:
  •  Maria E Bennett
  •  Brian J Weiss (Incumbent)
  •  Michael D Zawatsky (Incumbent)

The City of Cleveland

Judicial Race:
  •  Michael L. Nelson Sr. (Judge of Cleveland Municipal Court, Full Term Commencing 1/5/2018)
  •  Pinkey S. Carr, Incumbent (Cleveland Municipal Court District for Judge, Term Commencing 1/3/2018)
  •  Michelle Denise Earley, Incumbent (Cleveland Municipal Court District for Judge, Term Commencing 1/6/2018)
  •  Earle B Turner, Incumbent (Cleveland Municipal District for Clerk of Court, Term Commencing 1/1/2018)
  •  Jazmin Torres-Lugo (Cleveland Municipal Court District for Judge, Term Commencing 1/2/2018)
  •  Ann Clare Oakar, Cleveland Municipal Court District for Judge, Term Ending 1/2/2022)
  •  Judge Joseph Zone, Cleveland Municipal Judge (Incumbent)

Cleveland Mayoral Race:
  •  Frank Jackson, Incumbent

Cleveland City Council Races:
  •  Ward 3:  Kerry McCormack, Incumbent
  •  Ward 4:  Kenneth L Johnson, Incumbent
  •  Ward 5:  Phyllis Cleveland, Incumbent
  •  Ward 6:  Blaine A Griffin, Incumbent
  •  Ward 8:  Michael D Polensek, Incumbent
  •  Ward 9:  Kevin Conwell, Incumbent
  •  Ward 10: Anthony T Hairston
  •  Ward 11: Dona Brady, Incumbent
  •  Ward 12: Anthony Brancatelli, Incumbent
  •  Ward 13: Kevin Kelley, Incumbent
  •  Ward 14: Jasmin Santana
  •  Ward 15: Matt Zone, Incumbent 
  •  Ward 16: Brian Kazy, Incumbent
  •  Ward 17: Martin J Keane, Incumbent

The City of Cleveland Heights

Judicial Race:
  •  James J. Costello (Judge of Cleveland Municipal Court, Full Term Commencing 1/1/2018)

Cleveland Heights City Council:
  •  Cheryl Stephens (Incumbent)
  •  Mike Ungar (Incumbent)
  •  Melissa Yasinow (Incumbent)

Cleveland Heights - University Heights School Board:
  •  Dan Heintz
  •  Malia Lewis
  •  Jodi L. Sourini

City of East Cleveland

  •  Mayor Brandon King, Incumbent

City of Euclid

Judicial Race
  •  Judge for Municipal Court: Patrick J Gallagher

President of Council:
  •  Charlene Mancuso

Ward 4 For Member of Council:
  •  Kristian Jarosz (Incumbent)

Ward 8 For Member of Council:
  •  Laura J Gorshe (Incumbent)

City of Garfield Heights

Judicial Race
  •  Garfield Heights Judge of Muni Court District: Deborah Nicastro (Full Term Commencing 1/2/2018) Incumbent
  •  Garfield Heights Judge of Muni Court District, Jennifer P Weiler, (Full Term Commencing 1/1/2018) Incumbent

  •  Mayor Vic Collova, Incumbent

City Council: 
  •  Ward 1: Michael Dudley Sr., Incumbent
  •  Ward 2: Joe Lamalfa, Incumbent
  •  Ward 3: Michael T. Nenadovich, Incumbent
  •  Ward 5: Joseph M Suster, Incumbent
  •  Ward 6: Matt Burke Incumbent
  •  Ward 7: Tom Vaughn, Incumbent

City of Lakewood

The proposed charter amendment

Lakewood Council at Large:
  •  Tom Bullock (Incumbent)

City of Maple Heights

For Member of Council:
  •  District 1: Stafford Shenett (Incumbent)
  •  District 3: Ebony M Miller (Incumbent)
  •  District 5: Tanglyn M Madden (Incumbent)
  •  District 7: Edwina Agee (Incumbent)

City of Rocky River

For Council at Large:
  •  Michael J. O'Boyle

For Judge of Municipal Court:
  •  Donna Congeni Fitzsimmons (Incumbent)

For Member of School Board:
  •  Ruth Beach
  •  Jon M. Fancher (Incumbent)

City of Solon

  •  Edward H. Kraus

City of South Euclid

For Member of Council:
  •  Ward 1: Ruth Gray (Incumbent)
  •  Ward 3: Sara Continenza
  •  Ward 4: Jane Goodman (Incumbent)

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